786 – Falling away

Album :
Munsyid : 786


Everytime, (Korus 1)
I feel you close to me
I dunno, Who i’m supposed to be,
Just gimme a change,
Cause I dont wanna slip away
Gotta keep you in my heart
Leaving all my ways

So many time I feel you in my heart (Korus 2)
and I just wanna take it from the start , take it from the start
So please hold my today , Cause i can feel it falling away

Falling away,

Allah will show me the way,

Falling away,

Cause i dont wanna slip away,

Falling away

Every soul (Korus 3)
Is walking back to you
I wanna run,
What I am supposed to do
Your helping hand
I need everyday
There’s someone i can do

So in heaven i can stay,

Ulang (Korus 2)

I walk around the city
In the middle of the night
But nothing impresses me
Till I open my eyes

A dome in its majesty
A minarest rising high
It’s a place for me that everyday
I’ll go to keep from falling away

Ulang (Korus 2)

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